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New accessible barn

Every week, we support lonely, and vulnerable elderly residents, offering them a safe place to go and relax. Today, I’m writing to ask you to be a part of that. We are building a great new space for communal activities.

When you partner with us, you effect change in our community and ensure our success in the future. A gift of only £10, £20 or £50 will help us lay our foundations, build the walls, and raise the roof!  We are also offering some great rewards, for £20, £45 and £75, for handmade items and workshop experiences where you can take part in a choice of activities. Just click the button below to make a difference in minutes.

This initiative is to supply an accessible safe space, an outside weatherproof activity area, for hand and heritage skills, primarily in green wood, creating beautiful simple things. A place to share demonstrate and practice those skills as well as other activities including pottery, willow weaving and spinning, as well as use it as a social space in a green environment.

We believe that working together can significantly impact and positively change the lives of residents in this community, specifically the lonely, isolated and vulnerable.

To make this campaign a success, we are relying on the generosity and support of donors like you. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will directly contribute to the project.

Thank you for caring; thank you for supporting The Forest Community Shed.

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