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Roles and vacancies

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Sam Phillips 



Nick Davies



Anna Davey Director


Martin Roach 



Gina Richardson

Director & Treasurer


Jane Trout

Company Secretary

working together

Geoff Trout

Workshop Lead

in the workshop

Michael Madrick 

Maintenance Lead


Debbie Landsbert

Workshop Coordinator

Director – Your chance to influence and be more involved in the Shed’s direction

The directors are responsible for ensuring that the CIC meets its statutory and other obligations. Join the small management team to formulate & review strategy, ensure policy & practices keep to the organisation’s aims, ensure the organisation functions within its legal and financial requirements, strive to achieve best practice and promote the objectives of the organisation.

Non-Executive Director

Focus on matters that are raised in board meetings providing an independent view of the company separate from its day-to-day running.

Company Secretary – A member of the Board

As with any other company, the secretary of a CIC occupies an important position of trust, and company law imposes on them a range of duties. The Board have appointed a Secretary to sit on the Board and keep an accurate record of meetings and any decision making.

Treasurer – use of easy on-line automated software

Full training and support can be given if needed.

A watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Board to safeguard the organisation's finances. 

H&S Officer/Workshop Lead – Leading the Shed Workshop Sessions

The H&S Officer/Workshop Lead ensures the smooth running of The Shed workshop sessions, overseas the equipment and ensures all necessary Risk Assessments are carried out. They are responsible for the Shed Policy. They are supported by the Maintenance Officer and Workshop Supervisors.

Workshop Coordinator

They support the Board in its goals to run a safe workshop, support members and the wider community.

The role will develop so the coordinator is able to run workshop sessions, with training.

Community Projects Lead – Run our support to other voluntary groups and give members greater opportunity to work together

Community projects are an important part of the Shed. Members get great value and self-worth from working together to benefit others.

Membership Secretary – look after our members

The Membership secretary works with the Company Secretary, Treasurer, and Media Lead. They directly looks after the members, responds to all new member inquiries in a timely and efficient manner, and looks after current membership, their records, membership issues, and renewal of membership fees.

Media Lead – Shed website and Facebook updates and responding to inquiries

Our window to the wider community - promoting the Shed and what we do. Upload images, maintain web site pages and respond to new membership enquiries. Free to improve and make suitable changes to reach a wider audience.

Events & Sales Lead – Looking at avenues to generate income

The Shed needs to generate income, other than from Membership. The Events & Sales Lead will look at other avenues to generate income including ‘Shed on the Road’ where Shedders offer hands-on activities to the general public and the selling of products made In the Shed.

Maintenance Officer – maintenance support of the main equipment in the workshop

The Maintenance supports the H&S Officer, who ensures the smooth running of The Shed workshop sessions, and overseas the equipment.  The Maintenance Officer primarily looks after the main large tools & equipment.

Workshop Supervisor – overseas a workshop session

The Workshop Supervisor ensures the smooth running of a Shed workshop session, is knowledgeable of the workshop tools and trained on the use of high risk machinery.  He is supported by the H&S Office/Worksop Lead and the Maintenance Officer.


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