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Upcoming events

Worrall Hill Summer Fete

Saturday 22nd June 12-4pm

Come and meet some of our members and find out about The Shed. We will also be selling our workshop made items.

Barn build

The Shed currently meets at The Rising Sun, Mosley Green, Parkend, GL15 4HN for socialising and meetings, and workshop activities in Lydbrook.


Any skilled or unskilled people with the energy and enthusiasm to help their community in a practical way, please come along.


If you want to know more please e-mail the Shed for further information.


We are delighted to be entering a venture agreement with Orchard Trust to build a barn next to the workshop.

One of the activites favoured by members is hand and heritage skills, primarily in green wood, creating beautiful simple things. The construction of a new open sided barn to sit next to the current Shed would enable a fully accessible shared space to demonstrate and practice those skills as well as other activities including pottery, willow weaving and spinning, as well as use it as a social space in a green environment.


The barn will give the opportunity for all visitors to see what is going on without going into the workshop as well as some much-needed timber storage/assembly space for larger projects. The workshop already has the equipment and tools to support the barn activities.


The environments we live in shape our lives and our sense of wellbeing. Having somewhere safe to live, and good support networks around us make a vital contribution to our lives. The importance of our surroundings also extends to our natural environment.


The new project, working with green, freshly cut, unseasoned wood outdoors – the traditional way – is a slow, creative, and connected way to make things. Using your hands to create and nurture has so many positive health benefits, both physical and mental. The welcoming space is intended to be calm with no machinery, encouraging people to spend time together, unpressurised, so people can interact at their own pace. Being in contact with the world around you, a natural space, right down to the floor which is environmentally friendly recycled aggregate.

If you are planning to donate any tools or euipment please contact The Shed first as we have no storage space and many tools already.

Orchard Trust Summer Fair

Sunday 7th July 1-4pm

Come and see yhe workshop, meet some of our members and find out about The Shed. We will also be selling our workshop made items.

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