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We offer workshop activities at The Orchard Trust Day Services in Lydbrook.

Shedders are encouraged to do any activity they want and we aim to facilitate that, currently making or mending in wood, such as carpentry, joinery, carving, whittling and furniture repair and renovation, and tool and knife sharpening.

Other activities include bike and machine repairs, metalwork, sewing, upholstery, basic computing, photography, and stained glass.

The projects we work on are of benefit to individuals, Orchard Trust, other groups and the broader community. The projects are of our own choosing done at our own pace, just determined by the skills of our members.

table mats
Skill sharing

Actively pursue hobbies and have a place to go and relax knowing you are among friends. 
A place to learn and pass on skills and craftsmanship to each other.
Somewhere you feel at home, socialise and pursue practical interests.

Furniture restoration and repair

Small tables have been mended, re-hinged and re-surfaced and a chair has been mended after a severe break.

sun catcher
Tool repair and sharpening

Shedders have sharpened their own knives, chisels, axes, planes and even chainsaws, but items can also be brought in and sharpened for a small donation to shed funds.

Wood turning

Turning on the lathe is very popular. and a great skill to share. So far we have made garden dibbers, tool handles, bowls, candle holders and light pulls.

Metal milling and turning

Use the vertical miller to shape and slot or turn engineering components on the lathe.

Stained glass

An opportunity to make small items like sun catchers up to stained glass windows.

Self assembly

Get assistance with complicated assembly projects. Many hands make light work.


Make that item you have always meant to with help and guidance, or mentor another Shedder to make a rustic stool, bird box, gate or a growbag table.

Green Woodwork

Use the shave horse and a draw knife to make a spoon and spatula from green timber.

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